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The experience of my first binder [x]

My original comic which I’m currently making loads of, happy to do requests! [x]

Anonymous said: why havent you made any more comics?

I’m back to comic making now, expect more! 

Anonymous said: This blog is great. If "transguy" is a gender, then there is actually one I can relate to 100% (like how others can relate to "girl problems" or "guy problems"). The drawing with the transguy holding their chest all uptight, really hit home. I'm linking this blog to my mom to show her there are people out there struggling with the same probs as me. Thank you and peace.

Good to hear :) 

Anonymous said: Hey, I am absolutely in love with this blog. I can relate to most of it, and it really helps me accepting for myself that i am trans-gender. But I wanted to ask, do you have any advice on how to come out, or tell people to call you by another name? I am really afraid of this, but I hate my girly name...

Coming out is hard no matter how you do it, but it’s always worse in your head. Personally I wrote a letter and stayed out over night to give my parents time to process it, and while they still aren’t supportive as such, they’re tolerant. If you’re scared like I was I’d do that. 

As for names you are gonna have to be assertive. Tell people “that isn’t my name, I am ___” and don’t respond to your birthname, people will get the message, because it’s important for your identity to be validated and for you to be comfortable. They need to recognized that. 

Good luck and I hope everything goes well :) 

Anonymous said: I really love this account.I think I'm going to make a tumblr just so that I can follow you now.

Please do! :D 

mentholcase said: PART 1 OF 2 ... Help me out here. I posted your "Women are women, regardless of sex" comic on my FB wall, and I had to educate a friend that disagreed with it. I used an article from the American Psychological Association to back up your picture, but there is still one question from him that is not completely resolved. Here is a transcript of the relevant parts of our little discussion: HIM > Isn't saying "you can be both or a mix of the two" pretty much the same thing?

PART 2 of ACTUALLY 3, LOL… ME > I would say that both prolly means closer to an even 50/50, and mix may mean different ratios. HIM > So if I say that you can have both types of cereal or a mix of the two, you’re telling me that you would think one means 50% and the other means any old combo of the two?

Being both genders or a mix of the two, in my interpretation anyway, means bi-gender or genderqueer, as bi-gender people identify as both and genderqueer people are a “mix”, being between the binderies. 

i just find it amusing when people who are never “grammatically correct” suddenly care about grammar